The Gallery FAQ

What are your operating hours?

  • The range is open Monday – Wednesday, 10AM – 7PM. Thursday – Saturday, 10AM – 8PM. Sunday 10AM – 6PM. 
  • The Barrel Room is open Monday – Friday, 11AM – 10PM. Saturday – Sunday, 10AM – Close.

What Is The Barrel Room?

  • The Barrel Room is our full-service bar and restaurant. Located directly inside our facility, The Barrel Room is Colorado’s first and only restaurant within a firing range complex. 
  • Featuring everything from Colorado-inspired cuisine to craft cocktails and local brews, this is the ultimate lounge to catch up with friends, entertain clients, or watch your favorite team on one of our ten big screen TVs. 
  • We invite you to check out our various menus, including our weekday Happy Hour and weekend brunch. 

Can I enjoy The Barrel Room even if I’m not shooting?

  • Of course! The Barrel Room is open to the public. 

A bar inside of a firing range? How does that work?

  • Safety is our number one priority throughout the entire facility. All guests planning to consume alcohol are required to provide a valid government-issued ID before entering The Barrel Room. Even if only one person in your party is drinking, the entire group will have their ID scanned to prevent the sharing of drinks. 
  • Your form of ID will be scanned and automatically sent to our Range check-in system, prohibiting you from using the range for the remainder of the day.
  • You can review a more detailed description of our safety policies here.

Are you open to the public?

  • We are open to the public and welcome all guests, regardless of experience level, race, religion, sexuality, or political view.

What are the requirements to shoot?

  • The minimum age is five with a parent or guardian present. Any guest under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. 
  • Any guest who is a non-US resident is welcome to shoot, as long as they have a valid photo ID that they can physically provide to our range staff.
  • Any guest who wants to shoot with us for the first time alone (not accompanied by a friend, family member, etc.) AND rent a firearm from us will be subject to a 24-hour waiting period. This is part of our suicide prevention policy. 

What are your hourly rates?

  • For a non-Member, hourly rates are as follows: 
    • $27 / hour for one guest. If you’re sharing a lane with a friend, it’s an additional $20 for the second guest.

How many people do you allow per lane?

  • We allow two guests per lane. This is based on our Range Safety Officers discretion. 

How many lanes do you have?

  • We have a total of 15 lanes in two bays featuring state-of-the-art Action Target carrier systems and Carey’s range ventilation systems. 
  • We have 8 lanes at 20 yards, and 7 lanes at 25 yards. 

Do you take reservations?

  • Members can make reservations up to 14 days in advance. Unfortunately, non-Members are unable to make reservations. We suggest giving us a call a few hours before coming in and we can let you know how busy we are.

Do you have Membership opportunities? Why should I become a member?

  • Yes. While open to the public, we are Member-focused. In addition to free range time, Members receive discounts across our retail department (excluding guns and ammo), classes/training, and in The Barrel Room, and a wide variety of other perks. 
  • You can review all of our Membership options and benefits here. 

Do you have firearms for rent? How much does it cost?

  • Yes. We offer an array of over 60+ firearms, including pistol, rifle, shotgun, and full auto.
  • The hourly fee to access our pistol/rifle/shotgun rental fleet is $35 / session. You can try out as many of our firearms as you’d like throughout your range time. We ask that no more than three of our rentals are used at the same time.  
  • The hourly fee to access our fully automatic rifles is $50 / session.

Can I bring my own ammo? What are the ammo restrictions?

  •  If you’re renting a firearm, we ask that you purchase ammo from us. If you’re bringing your own firearm, you can use your own ammo. 
  • We do not allow any .50 caliber or 416 barrett.
  • We allow any cartridge with a muzzle energy that does not exceed that of a .338 lapua. 
  • We also allow buckshot and slug for shotguns, no birdshot or steel shot.
  • We do not allow incendiary, armor piercing, and/or tracer rounds.
  • We do not allow any rifle magnum cartridges 

Can I draw from the holster?

  • This is based on our Range Safety Officer’s discretion. With a reliable, sturdy holster and belt, we will have you do a few demo draws and our RSOs will approve or disprove. If approved, we will make a note on your account and provide a color-coded lanyard to signal to RSOs that you’ve already demonstrated your ability to safely draw from the holster.

Can I host a party or event with you?

  • Absolutely! For groups of eight or more, please fill out this brief Event Request Form and we will get back to you within 48 hours. 

Do you have firearms for sale?

  • Yes! We have an ever-changing variety of firearms for sale, both new and pre-owned. 


  • Yes! If you’re looking for something that we don’t have in stock, check out our online retail shop with access to thousands of different products. There is also NO transfer fee when you purchase via this link.

Do you do FFL transfers?

  • Yes. We do FFL transfers for Members and non-Members with Members receiving 50% off fees. 

Do you have a gunsmith on premise?

  • Yes, we have a number of certified gunsmiths on staff. Call or stop in for any specific questions.

Do you offer classes and training?

  • Absolutely. We offer a variety of classes for brand new shooters all the way to advanced level shooting scenarios, along with first aid, non-lethal self-defense, etc. We also have options for private lessons.  
  • Check out our full schedule here. 

Any more questions? Reach out to [email protected] or stop in today! 

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