At The Gallery Sportsman’s Club and Range, we are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive gun training program with a multitude of gun training courses to choose from based on your personal needs and skill level. Whether you are just starting out or honing your skills to become an expert marksman, our gun training courses offer students a positive, educational, and safe training experience. 

With a convenient location near cities like Denver, Wheat Ridge, Littleton, and Morrison, just off I-70 in Lakewood near the Colorado Mills Shopping Center, The Gallery is easily accessible for all your training needs whether you’re a first time shooter or have years of experience.

Introductory Gun Training Courses

If you are a first time shooter or gun owner and are wishing to gain some exposure to the shooting industry, The Gallery is the perfect place to do so. Our introductory courses are designed to put safety first while making sure comfort and confidence are at the forefront of your learning. We recommend First Shots and Intro to Pistol as an excellent starting point if you are new to shooting.

gun training courses
gun training courses

First Shots

You never forget your First Shots! First Shots is a program of the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) that offers the public an opportunity to learn the rules and requirements of firearm ownership along with comprehensive information on firearm safety, shooting sports opportunities, individual and group training, and range access.

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Intro to Pistol

Owning a pistol is only the first step. The Gallery is making firearms education, safety, familiarity, and skills improvement all part of its core offerings. In this course you will learn from enthusiastic and certified instructors who understand that the basics must be taught in a comfortable and fun learning environment. Understanding what it means to start a new journey, we will help you gain strong confidence in your ability to handle a firearm safely. 

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Intermediate Gun Training Courses

The Gallery offers an abundance of training courses for intermediate shooters who wish to maintain their training. Explore options like our Everyday Carry Course, Concealed Carry Permit course, and more. 

Everyday Carry

In our Everyday Carry- Handgun Tactics course, you’ll get time on the range with functional instruction to help drive muscle memory so you’re always on your game. The goal is to highlight and teach important defensive skills that most other ranges do not cover. Participants will work out of a holster (concealed or not) and will not be hindered by limited rates of fire.

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Concealed Carry Permit

Looking to get your CCW? Our Concealed Carry Permit course is one of the more comprehensive offerings in the state of Colorado. This training meets and exceeds the requirements for all county sheriffs of Colorado. Composed of both classroom and range time, you’ll receive all the fundamentals necessary to obtain your Concealed Carry Permit.

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Advanced Gun Training Courses

For those with more experience, we offer our Gunfighter Series. Gunfighter offers three classes that focus on improving your fundamentals to prepare you for unlikely, but important, situations. 

In our Gunfighter Series 1, or Accuracy to Live By, we cover improvements in your grip, aim, and trigger finger discipline. Gunfighter Series 2, or CQB, works on developing better shooting accuracy through shooting drills like point shooting, flash site picture, and speed shooting. The final Gunfighter Series 3, or Own the Night, allows shooters to train in low light/no light conditions with flashlight training, shoot/no shoot scenarios, and down range drills. 

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Don’t Stop Your Training There!

Aside from these recommended courses, The Gallery offers a multitude of other training options for you to explore. From private training to AR training, women only courses, tactical knife training, and family courses, we guarantee you’ll find something to fit your needs! Head to our website to learn more about the courses we offer and to view our full interactive training map. Find a course that suits you and we’ll see you in class!

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