Member guidelines and faqs

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Member-specific FAQs.


  • Members have access to several self-service features through their online portal. This portal can be found via the “My Account” button found at the top-right section of our homepage.
  • Reservations, class booking, competition registration, account maintenance, and waivers can all be completed from your own computer.
    • Your signed Membership Agreements must be signed prior to your next range visit.
  • Click here for a step-by-step guide to accessing your account and navigating through the portal.


  • Members can reserve lanes up to 14 days in advance via their online portal.
  • Members can reserve two consecutive hours Friday – Sunday and four consecutive hours Monday – Thursday.
    • This policy is flexible pending lane availability.
  • Members are unable to reserve range time unless their safety waivers are complete and up to date (waivers are resigned annually).
  • A Member must be present upon range check-in, prior to entering the range. Guests of Members cannot check-in to a reservation without the Member present.
  • Please visit this link for step-by-step instruction on how to reserve your time.


  • You should receive a Membership Card the same day you sign up for your Membership. If you purchased your Membership online, please request a card during your next visit.
  • This card comes in handy through the entire facility:
    • Front Desk Check-in: Please scan your Membership card at the tablet to the right of the front desk, prior to heading back to the Range Check-in desk.
    • Range Check-in: Present your Membership card to the RSO at the Range Check-in desk. They will hold your card in exchange for a keycard that will grant you access to our secured bays. You will receive your Membership card back when you’re checking out, after your range time is finished.
    • The Barrel Room: Present your Membership card at the host stand so we can scan and lock you out of the range (if you’re consuming alcohol). Be sure to also present your card when you’re paying your tab to ensure discounts are applied.


  • There is a 10-minute grace period before lane reservations are released.
  • The reservation will be honored if Members arrive within the 10-minute grace period, and the original reservation end time will be upheld.
    • This policy is flexible pending lane availability.


  • Members are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the lane reservation functionality, especially on evenings and weekends.
  • If the range is full and we begin a waitlist, all Members and non-Members may be subject to a one-hour range time limit.
  • Members will always receive priority over non-Members when there is a wait list.


  • Members are allotted 6 – 12 guest passes per year, depending on Membership type.
    • These are renewed annually based on the original sign-up date.
  • Each guest pass allows one guest to use the range for one range session
  • Additional discounted guest passes may be purchased for after the initial allotment has been depleted.


  • Members can pause their Membership in increments of 30 days, for any reason.
  • Members can pause their Membership for a maximum of 90 consecutive days per year.
    • Written notice is required to pause a Membership and the pause period will start on the date of the next monthly payment
  • Should you want to pause your Membership, please contact [email protected] or call (303)-570-8817.


  • Membership cancellation requires written notice from the primary account holder, at least 30 days prior to the final recurring payment date.
    • For example, if your last payment was charged 11/15 and you call to cancel on 11/28, you’ll be charged one more month on 12/15 before the cancellation is fully processed.


  • Monthly dues are automatically charged to an ACH account or credit card saved on file.
  • Should a monthly payment be declined for any reason (insufficient funds, cancelled card, closed account), Members have 10 days to update their preferred payment method and process dues.
  • Failure to submit payment will result in termination of the Membership within 10 days of lapsed payment date.
  • Terminated memberships are subject to initiation fees for reinstatement.

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