The Gallery is excited to announce a new partnership with the United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA), bringing our members an exclusive opportunity to enhance their membership with the added benefits of USCCA’s Elite Membership. This unique bundle offers exceptional value and comprehensive coverage for responsible gun owners.

USCCA Membership, The Gallery

Trusted by Hundreds of Thousands

The United States Concealed Carry Association is a trusted organization with more than 790,000 members across the United States. It exists to help protectors avoid danger, save lives, and keep their loved ones safe. With a focus on education, training, and Self-Defense Liability Insurance, the USCCA provides invaluable resources for responsibly armed Americans.

Why Join the USCCA?

As a USCCA member, you gain access to a wealth of benefits designed to help you be prepared and confident in your ability to protect yourself and others. Here are some key benefits of membership:

  • Education and Training: Access to a wide range of educational resources, including articles, videos, and live training sessions. Stay informed about the latest self-defense tactics, laws, and best practices.
  • Self-Defense Liability Insurance: Receive coverage for legal defense and liability in the event you need to use your firearm in self-defense. This insurance is crucial for protecting your financial future in a worst-case scenario.
  • 24/7 Critical Response Team: In the aftermath of a self-defense incident, you can rely on the USCCA’s Critical Response Team to provide immediate assistance and support.
  • Concealed Carry Magazine: Stay updated with the latest news, tips, and stories from the world of concealed carry with a subscription to Concealed Carry Magazine.

Exclusive Offer for Gallery Members

The Gallery is proud to offer an exclusive opportunity for our members to upgrade their Gallery Membership with a USCCA Elite Membership for just an additional $35 per month. This offer provides a savings of approximately $15 per month compared to purchasing the Elite Membership directly through the USCCA.

How to Get Started

Enhancing your Gallery Membership is easy. Simply follow the steps below to take advantage of this exclusive offer:

  1. Visit Our Membership Page: Click here to access our membership page and learn more about this new Membership bundle.
  2. Complete the Form: Fill out the form and submit your payment. Please note that the first and last month’s membership fees are due upfront to begin the policy.
  3. Enjoy the Benefits: Once your application is processed, you’ll have immediate access to all the benefits of a USCCA Elite Membership, including education, training, and Self-Defense Liability Insurance.

Why Choose the Gallery?

At The Gallery, we are committed to providing our members with the best resources and support for responsible gun ownership. By partnering with the United States Concealed Carry Association, we are enhancing our membership offerings to ensure that you have the tools and protection you need to stay safe and confident.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to enhance your Gallery Membership with the benefits of a USCCA Elite Membership. For just an additional $35 per month, you can gain access to top-tier education, training, and Self-Defense Liability Insurance, all while saving approximately $15 per month compared to purchasing directly through the USCCA.

Join the ranks of more than 790,000 responsibly armed Americans who trust the USCCA to help them avoid danger, save lives, and keep their loved ones safe. Visit our membership page today to learn more and sign up for this valuable membership bundle.


*Note: Self-Defense Liability Insurance is provided by Delta Defense, LLC, and is available to USCCA members. For more information about the insurance policy, please visit the USCCA website.

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