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The Gallery Sportsman’s Club and Range welcomes you to connect with an unrivaled community where safety and a state-of-the-art facility deliver elite experiences. We strive to deliver incredible customer service experiences and are looking for customer-centric team members. 

Who we are:

  • We are Safety First – We respect firearms and have clear processes and trained staff to help keep everyone safe.
  • We are Social – We deliver a comfortable environment whether it’s your first time or you’re an experienced gun owner.
  • We are Straightforward – We keep our process easy for our customers in everything from rentals to making online reservations.
  • We are Shooting Sports – We are utilizing the newest industry technology to make the shooting sports more engaging and accessible.

If this resonates with you we would encourage you to apply. 

Available Positions

Come join and be part of something speciaL

    Retail Associate

    Retail associates will be customer facing to both members as well as walk-in clients. Ideal candidates will have the knowledge and confidence to provide retail recommendations to clients of all levels and ensure exceptional customer service at all times. They should be comfortable in a high energy location and strive to create a welcoming environment for all. The ability to share The Gallery’s passion for breaking through the stigma of shooting sports is of utmost importance. This role goes beyond firearms, as the retail department will have full offerings of outdoor sport’s needs. From issuing hunting and fishing licenses, to recommendations on backpacks to firearms, this role will be vital for customer support.


    The concierge will be the first face that greets all clients as they enter The Gallery. Working with all departments to understand The Gallery’s mission and objectives, the concierge role will ensure that guests are taken care. From helping with check-in, answering questions, and guiding guests through the process of range, retail, and lounge, this role is a one stop knowledge stop. Ability to handle a workload that changes every day and is based upon guest needs is priority for the concierge. Top tier customer service required at all times.

    Range Safety Officer

    The Range Safety Officer (RSO) is responsible for ensuring that all shooters on the ranges adhere to internal policies and procedures and conduct themselves in a safe manner. Additionally, the RSO must ensure that the range is clean and safe before allowing shooters on for the day and may require evenings and weekends. Regular, predictable attendance is essential for satisfactory performance. Basic firearms knowledge required (on variety of firearm types, to include breaking down, and cleaning procedures). Previous RSO experience preferred, but not required, as the Gallery’s Chief RSO’s will determine level of training needed. Pay scale will be based upon background experience. Exceptional customer service is expected at all times, as The Gallery is a place of inclusivity to all.

    The Barrel Room – Bartender

    Working within The Barrel Room, the bartender role will be responsible for mixing, garnishing, and serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks according to The Barrel Room specification and menu. Taking orders and making guests feel welcomed, as well as keeping the bar stocked and clean all while providing friendly and attentive service to all guests, are of highest necessity. Always following safety procedures for ID checks and following Barrel Room and The Gallery safety procedures is required at all times. Current TIPS certification preferred; additional training will be required upon hiring (to be given by The Gallery/The Barrel Room).

    The Barrel Room – Kitchen & Bar Dishwasher

    A great place to start a career in the restaurant industry is at The Barrel Room. Helping to ensure the smooth operation of The Barrel Room, this role will be responsible for timely cleanup of kitchen and bar equipment, as well as maintaining clean tables and lounge areas after guests depart. This role is vital to keeping both back of house and front of house clean and ready to maintain full operation. Assisting kitchen and lounge staff, this role will have the responsibility of working between areas of The Barrel Room and gaining knowledge and experience in various areas of service. Previous experience not required. Customer service standard will be expected at all times.

    The Barrel Room – Cook

    The Barrel Room is looking for experienced cooks to execute menu vision of owners and kitchen manager. Always keeping the highest standards of cooking, the role must be able to adapt cooking style to small (but fully functioning) electric equipment kitchen (all electric due to building restrictions). Burgers, sandwiches, pizzas/flatbreads and similar style items will be options on the menu that cooks will need to be able to execute at an efficient and high standard pace. Quality above all else is the standard that needs to be met at all times. Creative ideas on specials, seasonal options and so on are highly valued and freedom to expand menu options will be considered. Cooks will need to be open to working onsite events when necessary.

    The Barrel Room – Lounge Host

    The first stop for all guests entering The Barrel Room will be with the Lounge Host. This role will be responsible for maintaining track of available tables, seating guests, taking reservations, and ensuring safety procedures are adhered to at all times (reminder of firearms rules, assisting guests in options for securing firearms, assisting in ID checks, and other similar duties). Additional functions may be asked of this position based on lounge needs at any time. Previous restaurant/food host experience preferred but not required. Customer service standards will be expected at all times.

    The Barrel Room – Server

    Fast paced restaurant and bar, The Barrel Room is the place for shooters to come in and unwind after time on the range, as well as welcome guests who just want to come in for some great food, catch a game, or socialize with new friends. Servers of The Barrel Room will provide guests with prompt, respectful and high-end customer service. As the first public range in Colorado with a full restaurant and liquor license, servers will need to adhere to strict procedures for safety (ID checks, rules reminder for guests, etc.). Previous server experience preferred. Come and be a part of the newest restaurant and bar experience around.

    The Barrel Room – Restaurant Manager

    The Restaurant Supervisor will oversee The Barrel Room dining experience. The Barrel Room is The Gallery’s full-service restaurant & bar that will provide an exceptional dining experience for members and the general public. This position requires experience leading a restaurant/bar team that consistently delivers high quality dining experiences. This is an opportunity to join an exciting organization at inception so you can be a part of setting things up correctly and hiring a team that executes to your standards. Exceptional customer service and leadership is expected at all times, as The Gallery will be a place of inclusivity to all.

    Trigger Press – Barista

    Trigger Press Coffee Bar within The Gallery is looking for a barista who is well spoken, energetic, enthusiastic, and a fast learner. The Trigger Press will be an area for guests to come and relax before a class, chat with friends prior to time on the range, or just come in a grab a quick coffee or snack. Trigger Press will be complete with all high-end coffee equipment to rival a local Starbucks. Previous barista/retail experience preferred but not required. Position may at times be working alone or with one other barista/casher, role requires versatility in day-to-day functions. Highest level of customer service is required at all times.

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