Range SAFETY at The Barrel Room



Range safety is our number one priority throughout the entire facility. To ensure all can responsibly enjoy their time on the range and in The Barrel Room, we have a few key protocols in place that are mandatory for all guests and Members:

Prior to entering The Barrel Room:

  • We ask that you first secure your firearm in your car or within our complimentary valet lockers. Please see concierge for additional detail.

Upon check-in within The Barrel Room:

  • All guests are required to provide a valid government-issued ID. Identification is required for anyone who enters The Barrel Room and plans to consume alcohol. 
  • Your form of ID will be scanned and automatically sent to our Range check-in system, prohibiting you from using the range for the remainder of the day.

After leaving The Barrel Room:

  • If you left your firearm within a valet locker, please pull your vehicle to the designated parking spot at the front of our building. Our Concierge will gladly retrieve your items and place it in your trunk.
  • Should you be unable to take your firearm home, please retrieve it within 24 hours or we will have to issue a background check to return your items.

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