Gun range rules


Please review the below gun range rules that are required of all guests and Members while in the shooting bays:

  1. All Firearms that are not holstered must be cased an in an unloaded condition while going to and from the range.
  2. Eye and ear protection must be worn at all times and prior to entering the range vestibule.
  3. Always keep firearms pointed in a safe direction
  4. Be sure the firearm is safe to operate
  5. Know and understand the operating mechanism and safety features of your firearm
  6. Use only the correct ammunition for your firearm
  7. Always keep the action open and firearm unloaded, with magazine removed until ready to shoot
  8. Use only official targets properly placed in front of the backstop. Humanistic picture targets are not permitted discretion of the RSO)
  9. Always keep your finger straight and rigid along the frame rail and off the trigger until you are ready to shoot
  10. Fire only when all persons are behind the firing line and safe conditions exist
  11. If you brought more than one firearm, shoot only one at a time.
  12. NEVER handle firearms behind the firing line
  13. Upon the hearing “CEASE FIRE” stop all shooting immediately and put down your firearm and back away from the firing line. Shooters may not re-approach the firing line or pick up their firearm until an “ALL CLEAR” signal is given.
  14. No open toe shoes or low cut tops.
  15. Never use alcohol or drugs before/during or while shooting.
  16. No food, drink, gum or tobacco is permitted inside the range. Wash your hands with cold water each time you leave the range and before smoking, eating, or drinking
  17. Shooters may collect their brass behind the firing line once they have unloaded and cased their firearm and are ready to leave the range
  18. Shooters who desire to shoot from the holster with handguns must be “HOLSTER QUALIFIED” through GSC instructors or RSO discretion
  19. Shooters who desire to shoot from positions with long guns must be “QUALIFIED” through GSC Instructors
  20. If a hang fire or squib round occurs, keep the firearm pointed down range, remain in your firing lane and signal an RSO for assistance by raising your non-shooting hand
  21. If the firearm has a malfunction and cannot be immediately cleared by the shooter, the firearm will be pointed down range, remain in your firing lane, and ask/signal an RSO for assistance by raising your non-shooting hand
  22. Act responsibly all times. Horseplay or any other unsafe activity will not be tolerated and will be cause for the participant being ejected from the facility

Gun range rules gun range rules gun range rules gun range rules


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