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Looking for the best gun training facility near you? The Gallery Sportsman’s Club & Range is a state-of-the-art gun range facility located close to the highway and adjacent to the Colorado Mills Shopping Center in Lakewood, Colorado. Just a 15 minute drive from the city, The Gallery Sportsman’s Club & Range welcomes you to connect with an unrivaled community where safety and a state-of-the-art facility deliver elite experiences from training to events, Colorado-inspired cuisine, and retail. 

We are a safety first facility that respects firearms and has set clear processes and trained staff to help keep everyone safe. We keep our process easy for our customers in everything from rentals to online reservations, and we strive to deliver you a comfortable environment, whether it’s your first time or you’re an experienced gun owner. Designed with the newest industry technology to make shooting sports more engaging and accessible, you’re sure to have the best gun training at The Gallery Sportsman’s Club & Range.

Explore Our State-Of-The-Art Facility

The Gallery Sportsman’s Club & Range offers an unparalleled shooting experience with a modern, tech-inspired facility that was thoughtfully designed to maximize confidence and precision. 

We proudly feature Action Target’s Genesis Retriever System that includes two fully immersive shooting bays with seven 25-yard long gun ready lanes, eight 20-yard fully tactical lanes, wireless cameras affixed on every retriever to view performance down range, 360 degree turning targets, a touch screen control panel with programmable scenarios, and LED lit glass partitions.  

Train With Us

We are proud to offer extensive gun training courses and classes to both Members and non-Members alike. We focus on meeting your individual needs, goals, and interests. Our knowledgeable, friendly instructors will ensure that guests of any experience level receive the most valuable education in a fun, safe, and comfortable environment.

For those new to shooting, we offer a variety of classes that appeal to introductory lessons and hands-on learning opportunities. First Shots 1 is a course designed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) that offers the public an opportunity to learn the rules and requirements of firearm ownership along with comprehensive information on firearm safety, shooting sports opportunities, individual and group training, and range access. 

Discuss topics like local requirements for owning and purchasing a firearm, safe and recreational use of firearms, and more in this 3 hour classroom and 1 hour range gun training course.

The Gallery’s training program provides what is widely known as one of the most comprehensive Concealed Carry Permit certification courses. This class offers 4 hours of classroom education with one hour of range time qualifications. The CCW class meets and exceeds the State of Colorado’s requirements in order to obtain a concealed carry permit. The CCW class covers basic pistol safety, trigger discipline, the four rules of firearm safety, and how to use a firearm for self defense safely in Colorado along with 33 other states. Once this Concealed Handgun Permit course is completed the next step is advancing skills with holster selection, holster draw and other advanced courses.

The Gallery also offers a handful of women-only courses and events like Intro to Pistol Shooting, Women Only Concealed Carry, A Girl & A Gun, and Women Wednesdays occuring on the first Wednesday of every month to help promote and grow the appreciation of firearms and shooting sports among women of all ages and skill levels.

For shooters looking to get more experience and advance their firearms training, The Gallery offers intermediate and advanced level courses.  Holster Selection and Holster Draw are the next steps in gaining proficiency to carry a firearm. The Gunfighter Series track is the ultimate training program that helps improve skill through three engaging courses.

The first course improves your accuracy through drills covering trigger discipline, grip, and aim. The second course covers skills needed for close quarter battle with increased accuracy, speed, flash site, and point shooting. The final course is the ultimate training necessity to be able to claim the title of gunfighter. Learn low light and no light scenarios along with down range training including shoot, don’t shoot scenarios.

The Gallery is also a premier partner of USCCA offering many courses like Home Defense Fundamentals, Family Safety, among many other classes. Level up training with an NRA Pistol Instructor certification program and CPR / First Aid offerings. The Everyday Carry handgun tactics offers weekly lunch time drills down range to improve your concealed carry skills.

Explore all of our training course options here.

Individual Training

The Gallery Sportsman’s Club & Range offers private one-on-one instruction for shooters of all experience levels. Receive an hour of 1-1 support from our instructors that’s customized to your interest and experience level. 

Just looking to train alone? No problem! We accept walk-ins all week long for non-members and offer early range reservations for members only. If you’re interested in joining the community and becoming a member, learn more about member rates and packages here.

See You at The Gallery

The Gallery Sportsman’s Club & Range exists to provide you with a superior range experience that’s unavailable at any other local shooting facility. Open to the public 7 days a week, we’re not your average shooting range experience. You’re welcome here and you’ll feel right at home!

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