step-by-step guide

Accessing Your Online Account, Reserving a Lane, and Registering for Classes

Please see below for a step-by-step guide to reserving lane time, registering for classes / events, and more…

Sign Into Your Account:

  1. Sign into your Member Portal using the e-mail address you provided when you signed up for your Membership.
  2. This Account sign-in page can also be accessed by clicking the “My Account” button located in the top, right-hand corner on our homepage.
  3. Click “Returning Customer” to sign-in using the e-mail address we have linked to your Membership. If you’ve never accessed your account before, you may need to create a password.

    How to Reserve A Lane:

    Once you’ve successfully signed in, you’ll reach the Profile Dashboard. Click “Show Shopping Menu” button at the top left of the screen to unhide the “Lane Reservations / Private Lessons”, “Classes”, “Packages”, and “Memberships” menu.


    1. Click “Lane Reservations / Private Lesson” on the top left of the screen, scroll down to “Range Reservations” then click “MEMBERS – Lane Reservation (60 Minutes)”.
    2. Select how many guests you’ll be bringing, if any. We allow 2-3 guests per lane, pending lane availability.
    3. Select the date you’d like to reserve, then click “Next Step
    4. Select the start time in the lane you’d like to reserve.
      1. Lanes 1 through 8 are 20-yards. Lanes 9 through 15 are the 25-yards.
      2. Click “Next Step”.
    5. Select the timeslot you’d like to reserve. Click “Show All” if the time slot you want isn’t showing up.
      1. Members can reserve two consecutive hours, Friday – Sunday, & four consecutive hours, Monday – Thursday.
      2. Members may be able to extend beyond this pending lane availability.
    6. Click “Next Step” until you get to the “Confirm & Checkout” page.
    7. Repeat steps 1 through 6 to reserve for an additional hour
    8. Your Order Total should always be $0, even if you’re bringing a guest.
    9. Final Step: Review the reservation in full, check the “I’m Not a Robot” box, then click “Confirm Booking”.
      1. You should receive an e-mail and text confirmation within minutes of your reservation.
      2. Issues? Call us directly and we will confirm that your reservation was successful (720) – 466 – 5876.

      How to Register for a Class or Event:

      Sign into your account to reach your Member Portal. Click “Classes” to open the full Class and Event calendar. This calendar can also be accessed via the “Class & Event Calendar” button on the top right of our homepage.

      Hover over or click into the Class or Event you are interested in learning more about. When you’re ready to register, click into the Class or Event you want to sign up for.

      1. Choose from Available Sessions
        1. Some Classes and Events may have multiple sessions with different dates, timeslots, etc. Be sure that you’ve selected the correct option you want to sign up for. Click “Next Step”.
      2. Confirm Who You’re Registering For
        1. You can register for yourself, for someone else, or for yourself and a guest.
        2. Discounts on Classes and Events are eligible to Members only. If you sign up on the behalf of a non-Member, they are subject to pay the standard non-Member price.
        3. Click “Add to Cart” to keep shopping or “Checkout” if you’re ready to pay.
      3. Confirm & Checkout
        1. Review the entire purchase, including the credit card that we will be charging.
        2. Membership discounts should be reflected at this stage as well.
        3. Check “I’m Not a Robot” then click “Place Your Order”.

      You should receive an e-mail and text confirmation within minutes of your reservation. Issues? Call us directly and we’ll confirm that your registration was successful: (720) 466-5876.

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